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SecureServices mitigates business risk and prevents security breaches

Whether you are a small business or start-up, a mid market growth company or a large scale enterprise SecureServices has a solution for you.

Find and engage Experts now to assist you with your cybersecurity challenges.


Choose a SecureServices plan that is right for you

Small to Medium Business

Cybersecurity can be daunting, what regulations apply to your company and where do you start? Try the SecureServices Basic Plan it's perfect for small businesses who don't have a qualified and highly experienced cybersecurity manager.

Medium to Large Business

Balancing your cybersecurity risks with costs is a challenge for businesses who are medium sized or on an upward trajectory. Our Managed Plan give you access to an Account Manager to support finding the right security Experts on demand to support your existing IT teams.

Enterprise Organisations

SecureServices offers enterprises the choice of managed, hosted, white labelled or on premises solutions so that you can take control of your own cybersecurity human resource needs while keeping your data on a single tenant platform.

How the SecureServices platform works

The SecureServices virtual marketplace matches Employers with Experts to support short term or project based requirements. You can either use our Cyber Wizards or get support from our team to post projects on the platform, the system then matches the skills requirement of the project to the capability of the Experts and they are asked to submit their bid. Once the Experts submit their bids you can review and select your preferred response. Once a bid is selected the project moves to your private workbench so that you can manage the project through to successful completion.

Our Creative Crew

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Elios Valmonte
Ben Moned
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Recent Projects

Fabrics of contemporary colors and textures and suitable and appealing on old chairs.Modern lighting and ventilation enhance otherwise traditional rooms.

Hiring those hard to find experts is easy

Screenshot SecureProjects for Experts

Find your perfect expert for on demand work, anytime, anywhere!

The key challenge for most businesses today is finding the right skills and capabilities to resolve their cybersecurity risks at the right cost. SecureServices has a vetted, global community of hundreds of cybersecurity Experts available on demand to meet these challenges.

If you know what you need you can search through our global community of cybersecurity experts to find the right capabilities to add to your team.

You can also post your jobs to access skilled experienced resources to meet your deadline and  budget.  You can invite your favourite Expert to bid on your current project and you can chat to as many bidders as you want to make sure they have the capabilities to support your project.

The right match guarantees a great outcome, get visibility into Expert reviews, their ratings, portfolios and profiles so that you deeply understand your potential cybersecurity expert and their capability before you select their bid.  You can also ask our account team to advise or help you develop a short list of bidders, if you are still uncertain ask for a reference check.

Find out more with our Employer Plan FAQ

How much does SecureServices cost?

$100 to post a job
Basic Plan - Free monthly, 27.5% success fee
Managed Plan - $1,000 monthly, 22.5% - 10% success fee
Custom Plan - Please contact, 22.5% - 10% success fee
Retained Services - Please contact, 0% success fee
All fees are in US Dollars.

What is a success fee?

When you select a bid proposal from one of the cybersecurity experts on the platform we charge a success fee. This success fee is payable by credit card if $1,000 or less and by invoice when over $1,000. When you post your job we may ask you for a deposit, this will be in the form of an authorisation to your credit card and will be equal to the success fee or maximum $1,000.

This authorisation is not charged and will be refreshed every 7 days, if you do not select an expert then the authorisation will cancel automatically.

What do I get with a Managed Plan?

3 user accounts
Discounts on success fees, depending on your project value
14 hours Account Management each month
1 Expert reference check per month
Project scoping Cyber Wizards
Monthly status reports
Hub@SecureTasks collaboration workspace

Access to additional services (subject to separate charges)
Escrow services
Monthly consolidated billing
Top up additional account management hours
Weekly video status update
Assistance in creating interview questionnaires
Candidate video interview

What does an account manager do?

When you subscribe to our Managed Plan, we will assign a dedicated Account Manager who will be on call to support you during project definition, selection, execution and completion.

Your account manager will typically post jobs for you on the SecureServices platform.  To do this they need to gain as much information about the project as possible and will request details such as Task/Project Name, Description, Type of Skills Required, Milestones and your Budget. In addition your account manager will work with you to establish the project scope using the SecureServices Scoping Cyber Wizards.

Your account manager will also advise you on the possibility to break projects down into more manageable milestones using our proprietary framework to mitigate risks related to both the project and your selected cybersecurity Expert.

Milestone management is supported by your account manager, they will work with you to indicate the milestone value at project definition and seek your sign-off when these milestones are reached. If you elect to use our Escrow service then your Account Manager will also help you manage the milestone payments to your Expert.

Your account manager will set up a collaboration workspace to work with you and your team on Hub@SecureTasks.

What are SecureServices collaboration tools?

Once you select your bid your project moves over to your private workbench where you can engage with the Expert you selected to track project deliverables against milestones. The workbench offers chat, video-conference, secure file upload and milestone management features, all you need to ensure successful project delivery.

If you subscribe to our Managed Plan, we also provide to you access to the SecureTasks community Hub.  This highly functional collaboration channel gives you individual workspaces, video-conferencing, chat, wikis, event management, file management and community news. Your Account Manager will assist you to set-up your space so that you can engage with our Experts in the community.

Can my team use the SecureServices platform?

When you sign-up to SecureServices we give you a free user account and this gives you access to all functionality on the SecureServices platform. This primary account is a preferred Client Single Point of Contact for engagement with SecureServices.

We understand that for some organisations there may be other stakeholders in different teams or departments, so with our Managed Plan we provide an additional 3 user accounts so that you can distribute your workload. Your Account Manager's time allocation can be distributed across your primary account and supplementary accounts, so we can support you at any time.

In addition, with your managed plan, we also provide up to 5 user accounts for access to our community Hub so that larger teams can collaborate together in a private dedicated environment and engage with our community.

What if I need project management services?

The SecureServices platform is versatile and allows you to engage with Project Managers in addition to Experts. If your project is large and complex, why don’t you post a Job for a Project Manager first and engage with them to support you for end-to-end project delivery in the same way that you would post and select an Expert.

We will give you a user account for the Project Manager so that you can work together with them to engage with the Expert or Experts that you select for successful completion of your project.

If you have a Managed Plan, your Account Manager will assist you throughout this process.

Can I get project status reports?

We encourage all Employers to request regular reports from their Experts during project execution and have these updates uploaded to your workbench.

If you would like more details about your activity on the platform, we can provide you a monthly summary report as part of your Monthly Plan subscription. This lets you see a summary of:
The jobs you have posted on the platform;
The status of all projects, open, close or in dispute;
The fees that you have incurred.

If you need more details we also have an additional service to provide a weekly video updates of your activity on the platform with an in-depth status of your active projects.

What is Escrow and Consolidated Billing?

We understand that prudence is required for some business relationships, with SecureServices we offer an Escrow service to protect both you and the Expert to avoid future disputes. We recommend that you breakdown your project fees based on milestone deliverables and you tell us when to release payments to the Experts. If you are unsure that the Expert has met their milestone requirements, ask your Account Manager for assistance. Using our Escrow service means you do not have to worry about international payments, disputes or other time consuming activities, it is all supported in the SecureServices platform. Escrow funds are held by Stripe and subject to additional charges.

For Managed Plan subscribers we also give access to an additional Monthly Consolidated Billing service for all your activity on the platform. SecureServices will send you a consolidated monthly invoice, outlining your projects, the Experts performing the work, the billing milestone and the amount due to each Expert. Once SecureServices received your payment then we will disburse these funds to your Experts in accordance with you instructions. You can discuss your itemised invoice at any time with your Account Manager.

How do I register and what is the process?

It is easy, just click on the button below to submit your registration request with details about yourself and your company. We will then go through a vetting process to ensure your identity prior to approving your registration request and once confirmed a member of our team will be in touch with you to guide you through initial set-up on the platform.


Contact our team to get more information on how SecureTasks SecureServices can protect your business from ransomware and malware attacks at 50% less cost.

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